Ecological restoration is a process of helping to restore natural features and functions of degraded ecosystems. Ecological restoration is often an important element for conservation and/or enhancement of natural biodiversity (e.g., in urbanized or industrialized environments).

Recent Projects:

Enhancement Of Natural Biodiversity

Before (2001)

After (2006)

Ecological Restoration Professionals

Restore Degraded Habitats

Our team of ecological restoration professionals at St. Williams N&EC is highly qualified and experienced in the science and practice of ecological restoration. We combine a science-based assessment and design approach within an adaptive management framework, working with the natural system processes, to effectively and efficiently restore degraded habitats.

Detailed Site Evaluation

Every ecological restoration project is unique. Our restoration approach and services to achieve successful and sustainable ecological restoration may include a combination of services that we can provide:

  • Detailed Site Evaluation (baseline conditions survey, inventory assessment, constraints evaluation)
  • Planning and Design (including costing)
  • Site Preparation (clearing, grading, and tillage which may include soil decompaction, scarification, pit and mound creation, soil amending)
  • Seeding, Planting and related landscape services
  • Invasive Species Eradication and Weed Management
  • Maintenance and Tending (e.g., irrigation, pest management, prescribed burns)
  • Long-term Management Planning and Operational Training (turn-key solutions)
  • Public Education

Long-term Management Planning and Operational Training