New Changes!

Herbaceous Contract Growing and Pricing why the change?

St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre is moving in a new direction with how we provide herbaceous products to our customers.  We will be providing our herbaceous material in formats selected to suit market demand and plant health and care considerations.  Some species will now be grown only on a contract basis.  Diversity is at the core of St. Williams Nursery’s values and we know it’s important to our customers as well, so we would like to continue to provide the diversity we have in the past.  We are constantly expanding onsite biodiversity gardens for conservation and production.  This allows us to reduce collection pressure from the wild and allows timely collection so we can quickly provide these less commonly requested species for our customers as required.  This move is designed to reduce waste, which is a large issue in the industry, and to provide more tailored service to our customers.

Description of Pricing and Availability Changes:

Pricing on some items has changed to better reflect seed availability and ease of production.  On the new price list anything that has a price listed will be our standard size that we have ready for order (subject to availability). Anything that does not have a price may potentially be grown on a contract basis.  Keeping in mind the diverse collection methods, timing, and treatment of seeds, advanced notice will be required to provide requested material.  Some of our species which are in production on a regular basis have a short lead time. Any species indicated to be grown only on a contract basis will require substantial lead time as seed needs to be collected, processed, and treated. The more advanced notice the better but in general orders for contract growing should be in well in advance of the new growing season.  Pricing for contract growing will be determined on an individual basis to serve you better.

Please note that Price Lists may not be representative of actual availability. For full availability or contract growing questions it is always best to contact us at 1 866 640 8733 or email

Availability and Price List – March 1, 2017

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